loves ALL pets!

There are many great pet friendly products and fabrics on the market, making it easy to incorporate our pet's needs without sacrificing our home's decor.

We proudly support the Humane Societies and Rescue Organizations

If you are looking to add a furry loved one to your home, please think adoption first.  There are plenty of loving animals waiting for their forever homes & you would be saving a life.

For the love of all things home

All my life there has been a consistent true love - anything & everything, involving the home.  Whether it was purchasing a home, renovations, decorating - it never mattered - it all brought a feeling like nothing else.  The pure excitement of planning a new project. The joy of seeing it come to life. The thrill of the hunt for that perfect piece or accessory.  I have always greatly enjoyed every step of the way to creating the perfect space...the perfect home.  Over the years, the homes may have changed, but the memories and special places created will always live on.

My life has evolved around various aspects of what I affectionately call, the "home improvement" industry.  From construction, to overseeing various installations, to flooring, and of course, interior decor.  Sometimes I thought about a career change, a completely different field.  There was a time I wondered where my life would be if I had taken another route.  What I've realized is, what started as a means to a living, turned out to be my true life's passion.


"Design Assistants" -- Cooper and Callie.  Adopted from the Internet Miniature Pinscher Service, Inc. (IMPS) Rescue Organization.